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Vipcoinfifa News More >>
  • [21-10-2014]   Fiorentina beat Inter Milan in Serie A
    VipCoinsFifa.COM: Re-scheduled week 6 round the last two games in Serie A, the international milan away 0 than 3 complete defeat to fiorentina, league this season on the road is still there...
  • [20-10-2014]   Chinese artificial grass industry Being acknowledged by FIFA official
    Has repeatedly in FIFA's internal name, artifical grass industry of Europe and the United States big dealers, professional buyers, European football clubs, football stars...
  • [17-10-2014]   Portuguese coach sue FIFA to Arbitration Court
    Former Greek national team coach, the Portuguese coach fernando santos has appealed to the agency, on October 3rd request to overturn the FIFA about him suspended for 8 games...
  • [16-10-2014]   Two Korea player was banned from the Barcelona game by Fifa
    According to Goal, Baekn and other media reports, FIFA has for Lee Seung-woo and Bai Shenghao implement suspensions, before January 2016, the two players were barred from participating...
  • [15-10-2014]   Spain lost the match in UEFA European Championship
    UEFA European Championship 2016 qualifying group C a focal point in the war in a nearly more than competing, Spain away 2-1 loss to Slovakia, iker casillas mistake let cook card from free-kicks...
  • [13-10-2014]   Why do reveal FIFA refused to receive Gibraltar
    Gibraltar in 2013, joined uefa has to participate in the euro 2016 qualifiers, but joined FIFA refused, the reason is that FIFA that does not conform to the independence...
  • [10-10-2014]   Europe refused to pay for Qatar rescheduled
    FIFA will encounter new problems. According to the famous British football magazine "442" website reported on October 9, if Qatar host the World Cup has had the summer to winter...
  • [09-10-2014]   South Korea protest the FIFA magazines cover
    In recent years, with the development of Japanese football high-speed, high-level players mainstream European league experience also more and more examples...
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