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  • [19-12-2014]   Cristiano Ronaldo did not enter a ball in the whole game
    Recently, Real Madrid defeated Mexican giants Blue Cross smoothly into the Club World Cup final, leaving them beyond Barcelona, Spain became the highest scoring team in the year.
  • [18-12-2014]   FIFA rejected the complaint of World Cup bribery case
    It was reported recently, the official website of FIFA rejected the former US prosecutor, head of FIFA's ethics committee 2018,2022 Garcia on World Cup bid scandal alleged appeal for him inadmissible.
  • [18-12-2014]   Inter Milan defeated Chievo
    Inter Milan away 2: 0 victory over Chievo, Inter coach Roberto Mancini has made himself once again in charge of Inter Milan after the team's first victory in the league.
  • [18-12-2014]   The European Union announced the results of the knockout draw
    UEFA Europa League play-off draw was held last night at the UEFA headquarters. Three Premier League team Everton, Tottenham and Liverpool were able to get the Young, Florence and Besiktas.
  • [17-12-2014]   FIFA is facing stringent financial review
    In order to curb money laundering and corrupt behavior, the Swiss Parliament adopted a resolution strengthen international sports organization officials within the financial review of the bill.
  • [08-11-2014]   South America feel the consequences from FIFA ban
    Mobile FIFA banned third-party ownership will be hit by a club football in Brazil andArgentina, such as global talent asNeymar and Columbia stars...
  • [25-10-2014]   FIFA official advice to the Qatar World Cup
    Haven't way to solve problem of the high temperature of the Qatar, FIFA President sepp blatter, this paper puts forward the basic idea of winter run competitions...
  • [23-10-2014]   2022 World Cup host country may reelected by FIFA
    Since Qatar voted for the host the 2022 FIFA World Cup by FIFA, the British media about the existence of "trick" reported on prevalent...
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